HONG KONG — Fat Chad’s is now serving its eclectic selection of sandwiches and drinks for Hong Kongers to take home and enjoy. Inspired by New York’s bodegas - small neighbourhood shops selling packaged food, beverages, snacks and sundries - the shop’s menu features made-to-order, hearty sandwiches and carefully-curated sodas, wines and beers.

Fat Chad’s elevated grab-and-go concept is a collaboration between four industry veterans - Taran Chadha, Camille Glass, Si Hyeong Kang and George Kwok - who met via Sai Ying Pun’s vibrant F&B scene. Their restaurants - BlackSalt Kitchen, Brut! and Pondi - are known by Hong Kong gourmands for their inventive, multicultural menus served in pretense-free spaces designed to connect neighbours over a delicious meal. 

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Taran Singh Chadha

Born and raised in Hong Kong, self-taught Chef Taran Chadha was mentored by one of Hong Kong’s most beloved and influential chefs, Pascal Brent. With over 16 years of international F&B industry experience, Chef Taran Chadha’s mission is to make a positive impact on Hong Kong’s fast and furious dining scene. Throughout his career, he has concluded that the most memorable dining experiences are those created in a homely, passionate environment where teams and guests are treated like family, such is the success story behind his award-winning BlackSalt restaurants and with co-founding Pondi and Fat Chad’s.


Camille Glass

Having trained at Paris’s prominent culinary school, Ferrandi, Camille Glass entered an intensive apprenticeship at Youpi et Voilà under legendary chef Patrice Gelbart. After experimenting with her own speakeasy-style private kitchens in both Paris and Hong Kong, Miss Glass pursued a long-standing interest in natural wines and high-quality produce, building her expertise through roles at La Cabane and Locofama Group, founding their natural wine store, before deciding to launch her own independent ventures; Brut!and Pondi, Fat Chad's.

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Si Hyeong Kang

While growing up in Ghana, Mr. Kang was inspired by the country's values and culture and from an early age, knew that he wanted a career in hospitality. While studying at the famous Les Roches hospitality school, he worked across different fields in the industry to gain comprehensive experience, including hotels, resorts, events, restaurant groups and finally, neighbourhood restaurants. Mr. Kang has worked with global establishments such as the JW Marriott and local companies such as Black Sheep Restaurants.


George Kwok

George Kwok discovered his passion for cooking in Bristol, England, after noticing a lack of high-quality Asian cuisine in the area. During his 10 years in Bristol, George launched his own project to sharpen his cooking technique and built up a portfolio which he now shares via Facebook and YouTube to his 5000+ followers. Having worked with two-time Michelin star awarded chef Lise Deveix of Akrame, Mr Kwok is now Executive Chef at Brut! and co-founder of Pondi & Fat Chad's, with a sharp wit, efficiency and creativity prevalent in his cooking.



Shop D, 119B Second St, Sai Wan, Hong Kong

+852 5536 9665


Tuesday to Friday 12-9pm

Saturday 9AM-9PM

Sunday 9AM-7:00pm

Monday - Closed

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